Saturday, March 8, 2014

S'mores Popcorn

S'mores Popcorn

On Sunday, 3/9/2014, our church is having a fundraiser to help our missionaries around the world. The children have partnered to have a bake / craft sale. Working with Joanna, I made S'mores Popcorn from the Food Network's 50 Popcorn dishes. Instead of just following their instructions, we used the chocolate sauce from Mocha Popcorn, but excluded the coffee. 

Make the sauce by mixing cocoa powder, sugar and honey.

It takes a long time to mix all this together so you have to call in help.

To keep your helper, you have to feed her samples. I think this is similar to Costco providing you samples on Saturday, so you don't run out when you see all the other shoppers.
After making the chocolate sauce, you need to bring together the standard components of S'mores.
I would like to say that I made the marshmallows and graham crackers myself, but, alas, I'm not that cool.
TIP: We keep our marshmallows in the freezer until ready to use. This helps keep them from getting sticky; but if they do get sticky, which ours did, you just chop them & toss with powdered sugar to make them good as new.
The extra component in this s'mores recipe is the popcorn:

The rest of the story is very messy. Be prepared for a sticky experience. It starts with pouring the chocolate sauce on the popcorn and adding the other ingredients.

 Toss together! This is step 1 of making a mess!
Get help making a mess, that's step 2.

After tossing this together, I poured onto two cookie sheets and baked at 250° for about 5 minutes. The purpose is to melt the marshmallows so you can have a bigger mess before you start messy step 3.
Messy step 3 is portion control. If this was for my family, we'd just eat it out of the bowl, but since we're selling these, we pulled out portions to be bagged up. Have you decided to come to City View Church to get some yet?

The things I do for the wonderful BGMC ministry: sticky hands are just the beginning. :) I'll happily do it again soon.
 Yum!! Layers of chocolate sticky goodness.

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