Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pressure Cooker Applesauce

My wonderful wife bought me an early Christmas present. It was an Instant Pot. This is a very nice electric pressure cooker and worth the cost.

Since we had at least 30 apples in our refrigerator, I thought I'd follow the advice of her friends and use the electric pressure cooker to make applesauce. The step that makes applesauce making the biggest pain in the hairy dairy is having to core & peel all the apples. With a little help from the Internet, I found other people had success coring the apples and cooking them without peeling. Here is my experience.

First step is pulling off the dumb sticker from all the apples & washing them. Why do they have to put those stickers on there?

I dropped a single cinnamon stick in the Instant Pot's pot.

I quartered the apples and cut out the core then tossed the prepared apple pieces into the pot.
When it was 3/4 full, I covered it with parchment paper. This trick helps keep the pressure cooker's vent clean because those apples will splatter as they cook.
I added a cup of water and a few heavy splashes of lemon juice. After locking the lid in place, I cooked at high pressure for 10 minutes and used the natural pressure relief approach. Inside, the apples were heavily broken down.
I fished around & removed the cinnamon stick. Using my immersion blender, I blended the apples with their skins and everything came together to make a perfectly smooth sauce.

In the end, you can see little tiny specs of skin, but it looks just like apple fibers. I couldn't tell the apples were not peeled.